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  • Primacy and Recency: give instructions so people remember   

  • What word should you avoid when giving instructions?       

  • How to change perception by framing things differently       

  • How to motivate with towards vs away-from language          

  • How to give feedback using a 5-step verbal template         

  • Feedback hack: what two words should you avoid when giving feedback?

  • 10 Phrases To Make Your Writing More Persuasive



Read practical insights on workplace know-how and proven tactics and hacks for better relationships, communication and effectiveness at work. Being average at your job is over. Not being interdisciplinary can harm your career. To thrive in a rapidly changing world, managers and teams need to continuously improve their workplace know-how: the art of communication and influence, productivity, sales and service, leading people and creating a conscious workplace culture.

"This wonderful book is loaded with practical, proven methods and techniques you can use immediately."

Brian Tracy, Author of No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline.

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